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Welcome to dog training and dog behavior modification in Columbus, Ohio. I specialize in any and all types of IN-HOME and environmental puppy and dog training and behavior issues using methodology based on science, reasoning, critical thinking,  inquiry, shared knowledge, and ethical standards for best practice. This site strives to help dog and puppy owners make informed decisions regarding dog and puppy training and behavior modification issues which in turn lead them in the proper direction for gaining and maintaining a healthy lifelong relationship with their pets through positive interaction using science based training and behavior modification techniques.

There are major differences between TRULY CERTIFIED trainers and consultants and the many CERTIFICATE Programs. Many owners are confused regarding this difference. The CERTIFICATION COUNCIL OF PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINERS is a credentialed true INDEPENDENT CERTIFYING organization.


I use a Humane Hierarchy of behavior intervention. I list my Ethics and Professional Associations along with my Continuing Education that is required for my two CERTIFICATIONS through an independent Certification Council. I have 40 yrs. of experience and a Diploma in Animal Behavior Technology. I strive to help dog owners and their pets and reduce anxiety for both.


As a professional dog trainer, instructor, and behavior consultant in Colulmbus Ohio, my goal is to promote healthy interaction and a lifelong bond between owners and pets by teaching and using only the most up to date, scientifically sound, non-aversive techniques known in the animal behavior and behavior modification field.

I am a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (*certified through CCPDTwith a background in the veterinary field and a graduate of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute with a Diploma in Animal Behavior Technology.  Please see "About Sheila" for my complete bio. I felt a need to create this site in order to have a place to compile information that I know is important and to link to factual, accurate, up-to-date information regarding the field of dog training/animal behavior to benefit my clients, family and friends as well as anyone visiting the site. The average pet owner is exposed to many differing opinions in regard to methods and equipment used to train their pet and handle behavior issues.   

I hope to aid in the education of the individual regarding where the field of animal behavior is at the present time and where it is heading. Also I want to provide resources and information about what is known to be the scientific principles of animal learning and behavior versus information based on myths and the so called “dominance”  methods seen and available through many medias. These methods, which can do more harm than good, will erode and possibly destroy the owner/pet relationship and might lead to abuse of our “best friends.”  By providing and linking to sound information for pet owners, I hope to help dogs and humans to co-exist in a more satisfying, harmonious and long lived manner for both. Click here for a 15 minute video of Dr. Ian Dunbar discussing the philosophy of dog-friendly, positive reinforcement training methods, and relationship building.


I am also interested in aiding the cause for standardized practices within this field.

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